New version 2.6.0 published

Theme ACP page modified to match ACP styling and couple of new options added. Restart not required after enabling or disabling options.


Enable "Display categories as a list" to display the categories as a list instead of cards


Enable "Display sub categories on categories page" along with the above option to display subcategories as well on the categories page


As always post any issues on the theme's github page


theme updated for NodeBB v1.0.2


theme updated for NodeBB v1.0.3 😄

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topic select fixed for category and unread pages in v2.6.12


Just installed on new forum for our old college, looks really nice,


chat modal styling updated in v2.6.15


pagination updated for mobile in v2.6.18

0_1464320836509_Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.42.53 PM.png

Theme updated for NodeBB v1.1.0

v2.7.3 published

  • Fixed category watching

exciting update coming soon.

v2.8.1 published.

  • New skin option in theme's ACP page (default & dark skins available now).

  • Theme ACP settings page modified to use NodeBB's recommended settings (how it's saved in DB).

  • Login and Register pages simplified.

You can check out the dark skin at

These are not bootswatch skins so, no additional CSS added. Skins are managed by extracting colors into less variables and different values set to these variables based on skin selection. As most of the color extraction is already done adding new skin options will be easy now.

As the theme's ACP settings page is changed to save settings in a different format, you will have to re-enable any options you have set before upgrade (menu in header.. etc).

As mentioned, skins option is set by modifying a less variable in the theme's less file under node_modules folder, this setting will be lost during future theme upgrades. Although the setting is saved in the database, NodeBB currently does not have a hook to be called by the theme to set the skin before less is parsed to css.

Sent a PR to NodeBB to add a hook. If accepted this should be available in the next NodeBB release.

Dark skin screenshots:






v2.8.2 published.

  • Modal windows color changes for dark theme
  • Tags page style changes
  • Fixed issue with autocomplete dropdown placement in composer

v2.8.11 published with support for NodeBB v1.1.1

Skin option selection in ACP should persist with theme upgrades going forward (requires NodeBB v1.1.1 or later).

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